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We had fun at the Anchorage Wedding Fair! My daughter and I served up a new idea. An Ice Cream Bar!

Did you know that per capita, Alaska is the only state that eats more ice cream than any other state in Union?

So here is the solution to your ice cream dreams.

This beautiful display will serve 100-150 people with toppings, syrups and whip cream that anyone could have in one night.

this service comes with 200 2 oz. serving cups and spoons, 8 different toppings, 3 different syrups and whipping cream. If you plan on havingmore guests

just let us know in advance and we can accomodate any siz group of people. A 20×20 ice sculpture is incorporated into the display to commemorate your event.

This Display is $550.00

This is a self serve bar. For an extra price an attendant can be made available.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.








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