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Social Ice Tables & Events started out originally as just Social Ice in 2007. Before that I was working with an event planner for about 7 years, setting up events for her and creating centerpieces and event decor for her events. Until one day I was setting up a wedding reception and I turned around and saw this beautiful Grecian vase ice sculpture with a gorgeous red rose arrangement setting in the top of the vase. I quickly asked the event planner where the bride had gotten the sculpture, she told me the bride had ordered it from Seattle. There were only four sculptures to pick from and that they were molded. I began to think about it and said to myself ” there’s got to be a better way to supply ice sculptures at an affordable price”. After a lot of research I did find a better way and now I can offer it to my clients.

My name is Kathy Ax and I want to bring you events that are “Affordable, Creative, and Memorable”.


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