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How long does an ice sculpture last?

There are many variables when it comes to the longevity of an ice sculpture. For example, temperature, direct sunlight, size of the sculpture, ventilation, indoor/outdoor event, all play a very important role. On the average, the life expectancy of an indoor sculpture is approximately 6-8 hours depending on design.

Will you do any custom freezing?

Yes!  Social Ice can freeze objects into the ice such as flowers, invitations, pictures, bottles and more.

What do I need to furnish the sculpture?

 Typically all you will need is space for a 3ft round or square table for the sculpture. Flowers and arrangements work great to hide the pan and add a gorgeous decorative touch.

What will be the dimensions and weight of my Ice Sculpture?

Ice sculptures vary in size. An average ice block weighs in at 300 pounds, and the dimensions are 40 x 20 x 10 inches. The weight of an average finished one-block sculpture will range between 150-200 pounds. This weight can be supported by most banquet tables. Other larger sculptures can weigh from 500 to 5000 pounds. You can discuss accommodations when you place your order.

How far in advance do I have to order my Ice Sculpture?

We would appreciate at least two full week’s notice; however, we can sometimes accommodate 24 hour emergency deliveries according to what we have pre-made.

Can you incorporate color into the Ice Sculpture?

Yes! Adding color can greatly enhance the impact it will have on your guests. We can also actually color the ice for a more vivid color effect. This can be used at a venue that has a lot of lighting or outside in the shade where it can be very bright. Also available is colored lighting that greatly enhances the effect of an ice sculpture.

When should the Ice Sculpture be delivered?

Delivery should be scheduled at least 1-2 hours before the guests arrive.

What happens when the Ice Sculpture melts?

When we set up the sculpture we provide drip trays, drain hose and bucket for the melt water to drain into.

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