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Walk About Tables will have a lasting awe inspiring impact and will keep everyone talking for months after your event.

Why use just a plain table to meet your guests, when you could be using a Walk About Table  to greet your attendees upon arrival.

Walk About Table models will be interactive with your guests, in character, while presenting hors d’ oevres, desserts, beverage, samples, place cards, and brochures. Our tables can be waiting just inside the door to surprise and amaze your guests.

Walk About Tables can be utilized at any kind of function. Wedding Receptions, Birthdays, Retirements, Corporate Events, etc. and we can match to the theme of the event.

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To make sure that your experience with Walk About Tables goes off as planned there are a couple items you should know about before you rent one of our tables.

Our costumed table model will need a private, secure location to change and get into makeup. It cannot be a public bathroom as this will spoil all the fun for your guests! Most places have a side room or hallway that will not be used by guests. Even a bride’s room would be great.

Again we will need an area to set up and prepare our table outside of view of our guests. Once the table is completed we will need a double doorway to make a grand entrance.

If you would like the table to move throughout the event, please keep in mind the path it will be taking. It would be best to plot a course on a floor plan with your event planner along with the events director at the venue to make sure there is enough space for the table to pass through. Our tables need an area of 5’ wide to move through. If this is done in advance of the event there should be no problem.

If you will be serving food on our tables, please make sure the food is not directly on the tables. For sanitary reasons the food must be on trays. These items should be provided by venue, if they are serving the food, or the caterer. Also, it is the venue’s or caterers responsibility to replenish the food on the table as our model will be in costume and cannot touch the food. Because the table will draw your guests to it the food will be eaten quickly so that is something to keep an eye on.

All costumes are designed and created by Social Ice.

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